Case Study - fluke networks: Fiber TESTING PLATFORM MIGRATION

Data Center Fiber Migration


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, CompuCom offers managed IT services, integration and consulting, as well as teams specializing in data centers, networks, voice and end-user environments.  One of CompuCom's customers, a U.S.-based Top 10 Global Retailer, required a higher standard for fiber optic cable inspection, including faster testing and more comprehensive reporting. In response, CompuCom’s team turned to Fluke Networks and local sales partner DataStrait Networks.


CompuCom maintains three of their client's data centers and one backup bunker, containing nearly 20,000 servers and more than 150,000 cables. The team was responsible for upgrading the existing infrastructure, primarily made of MPO cabling, to a larger LC-APC cable backbone to future-proof the network for support of voice and video applications. To ensure a smooth upgrade and maintain compliance with the client's standards for reporting, the team needed to find a testing and certification procedure that would allow them to prevent installation errors, document results, and minimize related issues in the years to come.



“The local representation from DataStrait and the customer support from Fluke Networks have been excellent. They helped us master the file database tree, which really helped us organize our test results. As a former field guy, I know that keeping test results organized is a challenge, so these tools have helped us stay organized in the field, which keeps our database as accurate as it can be.”

Mike White, Network Infrastructure Manager

Fiber Network Migration Sales
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