in house networking experts



With over 25 years experience as a data communications manufacturers' agent, Jamie is responsible for keeping the company focused, growing, and on top of the best new solutions. He helps coordinate the efforts of everyone involved in the network development process, from design to implementation - all with the final goal of building DataStrait manufacturers' presence in the upper midwest market. As you might guess, Jamie is on the go most of the time. But he says that suits him just fine. Contact Jamie Roux via email or phone.


James Beukelman

When it needs to happen, and happen now, James is the one who gets it done. For the past 18 years, making sure everything is in line between manufacturers, reps, distributors, installers, and consultants has been more than a full time job. (Managing the DataStrait music library and diverse fridge contents is overtime). Contact James via email or phone.



Alan Martin

Joining Datastrait twelve years ago, Alan runs both our IP security and network test & measurement businesses. Previously, he refined his IP prowess as the Sniffer guy for protocol analysis firm Network General (McAfee). As a bonus, Alan brings us process and strategy learned from his 8 years at General Electric. You want Al on your team. Contact Alan via email or phone.




Eight years and going strong, Steve Fisher brings a fresh approach to team building and business development. Born an avid Wild/Twins fan, Steve resides deep inside Blackhawks territory. Prior to making waves in the structured cabling industry, Steve outgrew his water wings as the captain of the swim team at University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire. Contact Steve via email or phone.




With over 20 years of experience within our industry, Guy has been on all sides of the sales cycle from distribution to manufacturing to factory representation. Guy builds business in simple terms, using trust and integrity to promote the best solution to fit each customer's individual needs. Being detail oriented and goal driven allows the perfect balance in the ever changing telecommunications world. Contact Guy via email or phone.



Joining the DataStrait team with 7 years of customer service experience, and 3 years of cross-functional business development, John brings a new level of trust and communication to every customer.  As an analytical problem solver, he is able to assess the requirements of technology companies and provide an experience specific to their needs. John enjoys hitting the links whenever the Minnesotan climate allows.  Contact John via email or phone.



A security and A/V industry vet with over 19 years’ experience as an owner of Mooncom, Mike Moonen has an rigorous customer-first approach. His passion for system design and customer training have earned him a reputation as a reliable resource for all manner of technical applications and questions. With 4 sons in the house, Mike stays busy with fishing, sports, and other family activities when not programming cameras. Contact Mike via email or phone.



Molly Hohn comes to DataStrait with 14 years’ experience as an owner of Mooncom, a degree in journalism, and the unique perspective of having worked for one of our manufacturers in the past. Molly loves to cross things off her to-do list almost as much as she loves spending time with her 3 kids and husband on their hobby farm. Contact Molly via email or phone.


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Coming to Datastrait after retiring from Norstan and running a consulting business, Don blesses us with his time and expertise as our chief financial officer. Despite many rumors, Don is the only MBA from Harvard at Datastrait. You can reach Mr. Crimson via email.