sustainable digital building ip network




A "digital building" is more than just the connectivity of structural elements.  A well-designed digital building can reduce energy usage up to 30%, improve employee productivity up to 16%, and generate higher operating income by 5% while also increasing the asset value of a building.  By combining building systems that manage light, air quality, and physical security into a single IP network, companies with a digital building can increase energy efficiency, human resource productivity, and improve the overall experience for company employees or building residents.

Components of a digital building connected to a single IP network can include the building exterior, electrical controls, lighting controls, Wi-Fi, intercom, elevator and escalator management,, audio/visual systems, window shades, air quality, water, emergency communication, the mechanical room, close circuit TV, intruder detection, and car park systems.


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Platformatics is a tech company whose mission is to transform commercial lighting through innovative hardware and software applications that improve productivity and comfort, beautify environments, and conserve energy for building owners, operators, and tenants.

MHT Lighting

MHT Lighting, a subsidiary of NAME Energy Group, is the leading manufacturer of energy efficient products in the US. These products include induction and LED lighting and Power management optimization systems. Our high quality products use components from leading companies that have a history of experience, reliability, quality and integrity. MHT has the only ISO 9000/01 certified lighting manufacturing facility in the USA.  Every manufacturing procedure and quality system is proven and documented.  All the products we manufacture have been thoroughly tested, inspected and burned-in to make sure the product will last for decades.



Lencore engineers and builds system solutions for Sound Masking, Paging, Audio and Mass Notification and Emergency Communication (MNEC). They see a world where the workplace is safer, more productive and privacy matters; a world where communication is instantaneous and clear; a world where the environment is as ideal for an individual as it is for group collaboration. Lencore's mission is to provide the finest acoustical comfort, speech privacy and mass notification solutions.